Bad Royale, ChillPill remix Kanye’s “Lift Yourself”

Yes, the nonsense flow is still there.

Kanye West has always had a reputation for being a lyrical genius, and his tracks have been given some genuinely brilliant electronic makeovers as well. The two, however, do not combine on Bad Royale and ChillPill’s remix of “Lift Yourself,” the ‘troll’ single Ye recently dropped whose verses are, well… poopity scoopity di scoopity poop. Or, simply, “poop.”

Bad Royale, a DJ/production group, and DJ ChillPill take Ye’s ‘original’—if you can call it that—and turn it into comedy gold. And it actually sounds pretty dope. The nonsensical lyrics still remain (“Poopy-di-scoop / Scoop-diddy-whoop” ain’t gonna win Ye any Grammys), but with massive drops and trap effects chucked in.

No word on Kanye’s next single—or which DJs are going to turn that into a banger—but here’s proof that even the craziest of tracks can go off with the right beat behind them.


Check it out here:

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