Autechre unveil new album ‘Sign’

The enigmatic British producers have returned.

English electronic duo Autechre have released Sign, their first major release in over two years.

Rob Brown and Sean Booth return to a traditional album format with the new 11-track record after years of longform releases. Their 2018 NTS Sessions 1-4 collectively ran around eight hours long, while their 2016 LP Elseq 1-5 comprised five parts averaging around 50 minutes in length. And over the past two years, Autechre have revived their AE_LIVE series, releasing live sets as a single track.

“I’m wondering if [Sign is] too right,” Booth said in a rare interview with The New York Times. “I’m really feeling a bit self-conscious if I’m being totally honest. It’s difficult to listen to because it’s too emotionally resonant. I was going for making something pure and new and sort of surprising, and now I’ve ended up with something that’s almost predictable. So I’m reluctant to play it too much because I feel like that place it puts me in is perhaps a little bit too cathartic.”


As Resident Advisor notes, Autechre had previously teased that they had two albums ready for release—a possible sign that a follow-up to Sign is not far off. Listen to the record here:

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