Autechre fulfill SOPHIE’s wishes with “Bipp” remix

In 2015, she had said “no remixes…unless it’s Autechre.”

Autechre have reworked SOPHIE’s single “Bipp” six years after the remix request was issued.

Originally released in 2013, “Bipp” offered an eclectic array of glitchy sounds and high-flying, pitch-adjusted vocals—sonic touchstones of the then-emerging label PC Music. The duo have trimmed SOPHIE’s melodies from the original, lowered the affected vocals partway towards their original pitch and layered them atop a shifting drumbeat to form an echoing remix.

Autechre remixing “Bipp” allows the song to come full circle: Watching the duo perform live in Glasgow in 2005 inspired SOPHIE to find the gear and equipment to make new music, including “Bipp” and other landmark single “Lemonade.”


According to a press statement, SOPHIE had a firm stance on people tinkering with her music in 2015, asserting that she wanted “no remixes…unless it’s Autechre.” The duo were asked to consider a remix, but were tied up with live commitments. But last year, an email arrived from Autechre with the remix and the apologetic message: “Sorry this is so late, hope it’s still of some use.”

The Autechre remix will be pressed onto 12-inch vinyl alongside SOPHIE’s unreleased track “UNISIL” with pre-orders available now from independent record stores. The pair of tracks will find their way online on January 28 via Numbers.

The remix arrives over two years since SOPHIE dropped her 2018 debut album Oil of Every Pearl’s Un-Insides. She put out its subsequent remix LP the following year. On the other hand, Autechre broke a long silence last year with the album Sign.


Listen to Autechre’s take on “Bipp”:

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