Aphex Twin’s new video is so frenetic it needs a health warning

In typical Richard D James fashion, the clip is inexplicably trippy.

If you’re one to enjoy mind-bending clips every once in a while, Richard David James’ new video is right up your alley. The producer, better known as Aphex Twin, has just released the video for his latest single “T69 Collapse.” And it’s glitchy as the choon itself.

The track itself is orchestrated IDM chaos. It begins with a piano movement accompanied by warped synths and stuttering percussion before descending into an abyss of thumping basslines and cyber sounds. To match the song, Aphex Twin has once again enlisted the services of London-based video designer Weirdcore for the MV.

The clip kicks off with a scrolling wall of computing codes punctuated by lines of rapidly changing text. The scene then quickly morphs into a distorted view of English architecture. After this—right about the time the song takes a turn for the weird(er)—Weirdcore cranks up the crazy with pulsing graphics that mirror the beats of the track.


It’s futile trying to make sense of it. So you’ll have to witness it for yourself.

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