Aphex Twin unveils alternate versions of “Avril 14th”

One reversed, the other at half-speed.

Aphex Twin has left some gifts under the Christmas tree that is his web store: three new tracks, two of them reworks of his legendary track “Avril 14th.”

These tinkered-with tracks are straightforwardly labeled: “Avril 14th reversed music not audio [re-recorded 2009 Nagra]” and “Avril 14th half speed alternative versions [re-recorded 2009 Nagra].” The original song was part of the album Drukqs, released in 2001.

The third track is “Mangle 11,” which as Pitchfork points out, appears to be a rework of a track Richard D James released as AFX in 2003, adjusted for speed as well.


Hear and purchase the new Aphex Twin tracks here, and if you’re still hankering for more, listen to the producer’s Collapse EP, released in September.

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