Andrew Luce, Alexander Lewis team up on “Take Me”

Two up-and-coming producers. One awesome track.

If you haven’t heard of Andrew Luce or Alexander Lewis, it’s about time you got on board. They’ve put together the perfect track to introduce themselves to electronic enthusiasts with “Take Me.”

Featuring Jojee on vocals, the track is an emotional, shimmering slice of dance music. It moves along at a fairly downtempo pace, giving the heartfelt vocals plenty of room to breathe. Then comes the drop—which rolls in like a wave rather than with the force of an EDM banger. The horns that have become a hallmark of Lewis’ productions are there, along with traces of the trap stylings that Luce cut his teeth on.

Both acts have a track record of delivering the goods, and this choon’s more evidence that they should definitely consider teaming up again down the line.


Check out “Take Me” here:

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