Amnesia Scanner realize an apocalyptic vision on ‘Tearless’

The Berlin duo release the follow-up to ‘Another Life.’

Electronic experimentalists Amnesia Scanner’s second album Tearless is out now.

The Berlin-based Finns Ville Haimala and Martti Kalliala flesh out their apocalyptic vision on the follow-up to 2018’s Another Life, dubbing the resulting record “a break-up album with the planet.”

In an interview with Crack Magazine, Kalliala explained: “We want to make art that’s an expression of, or exaggeration of, the contemporary experience we’re living through.” Haimala added, “When we write music we want to capture that real emotion. [Tearless] is a continuum of [Another Life], more into this sort of weird realisation that things are deeply not good right now.”


The eclectic guestlist on Tearless include Peruvian singer Lalita (who sings on “AS Tearless” and “AS Acá”), Brazilian DJ/producer/vocalist LYZZA and hardcore band Code Orange. There’s also Oracle, who’s described as “the third, machinic ghost-member of Amnesia Scanner,” on the song “AS Trouble.”

Stream Tearless below:

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