Amnesia Scanner mix menace and seduction on “AS Tearless”

A new track from ‘Tearless,’ featuring Peruvian singer Lalita.

Amnesia Scanner have released “AS Tearless,” a new track from their upcoming album Tearless.

The song collages seductive vocal melodies from Peruvian singer Lalita with degraded electronic textures and nu-metal distortion. It’s the third preview of Tearless, following “AS Going” featuring Brazilian DJ/producer LYZZA and “AS Acá,” another collaboration with Lalita. The third and final featured artist on Tearless will be the metalcore band Code Orange.

Tearless is the second album from Amnesia Scanner, who are the Berlin-based and Finland-raised duo of Ville Haimala and Martti Kalliala. It arrives June 5 via PAN, coming two years after their debut album, Another Life.

Amnesia Scanner have called Tearless “a break-up album with the planet.” To hear what that sounds like, stream “AS Tearless” below:



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