AlunaGeorge drop intimate “Cold Blooded Creatures” MV

A gorgeous—and NSFW—video.

British duo AlunaGeorge have dropped a video for “Cold Blooded Creatures,” their sultry collaboration with Bryson Tiller from their 2018 Champagne Eyes EP.

The video is a collaboration with rubberband., who have previously worked with artists like LCD Soundsystem and ZHU, not to mention brands like Calvin Klein. It opens with two actors sitting opposite each other in a warm, earth-toned hotel room. They rise from their slouches, and the screen splits into two as we follow their individual journeys towards each other.

As the background slips away, their clothes follow suit, and deeper, more intimate versions of themselves step forth. “Don’t act like what we do is beneath us / Don’t act like we’re not cold blooded creatures,” frontwoman Aluna Francis demands, and the actors follow her lead as they step towards each other.


“Cold Blooded Creatures” plays on the duality of its sound and lyrical content—the track feels cold and removed, yet somehow uncompromisingly intimate. In an essay published by Broadly, Francis revealed that “Cold Blooded Creatures” came from her musing on the growth people can potentially experience through one-time—albeit valuable—sexual encounters.

Watch the “Cold Blooded Creatures” video below:

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