Aluna shares remix album for ‘Renaissance’

Featuring TSHA, UNIIQU3, Lady Bee and more.

Aluna Francis of AlunaGeorge has released a remix album for her 2020 solo debut Renaissance.

Renaissance (Remixes) features an incredible line-up of producers putting their unique spin on tracks from Francis’ triumphant debut. TSHA, UNIIQU3, Lady Bee and Bella Boo are just a few of the featured artists selected by Francis for her remix collection.

The LP largely focuses on Renaissance’s singles, offering multiple remixes of “Body Pump,” “The Recipe,” “Envious,” “Warrior” and a closing rework of “Ain’t My Business” from Yazzus. Lady Bee’s take on “Body Pump” offers rather demure verses before bursting into massive choruses featuring dirty synths, while Austin Millz’s “Warrior” remix blossoms into a beautiful electropop track.


“For the first time in a long time we have the idea of a better future to celebrate,” Francis declared in a statement, “one with more unity than ever before and that’s what this remix collection embodies—it’s more like a festival line up of the future than a remix album—melanated, LGBTQIA, global and bringing the queen shit.”

Stream the remixes below:

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