Allie X releases ‘analog’ version of “Focus”

It's a one-take wonder.

With the release of “Focus” a month back, Allie X made the leap into the mainstream. She’s just dropped a video for the single that’s making the world sit up and pay attention again—because it’s recorded entirely in one take.

The ‘analog’ clip for “Focus,” which looks like a VHS tape tripping on acid, is a live recording of the Canadian singer-songwriter and her band in their best ’80s threads. According to Allie, the visuals and pitch-perfect audio took only one try—no overdubs and studio trickery allowed.

On the recording, she keeps it simple, stripping away all the heavy production on the original. And it has clearly worked wonders for the song—because it’s never sounded better. “You make me focus / When you love someone, the rest just falls away,” X sings on the lush chorus, gradually building her vocals to a powerful belt that feels even more special, considering she’s hitting those notes for real.


Check out the clip below:

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