Alan Walker releases “Diamond Heart”

He’s joined by Sophia Somajo.

Alan Walker, the Norwegian DJ/producer behind atmospheric EDM smashes like “Faded” and “Sing Me to Sleep,” is back with a new track called “Diamond Heart,” featuring rising singer-songwriter Sophia Somajo.

Like Walker’s previous releases, “Diamond Heart” is full of emotion and drama—yet it remains a major bop. It kicks off with sparse production and Somajo singing soulfully about the end of a relationship: “Hello, sweet grief / I know you’ll be the death of me / Feel like the morning after ecstasy / I am drowning in an endless sea.”

It seems like only the toughest can stick out love’s rough patches, and when the chorus bursts to life with a crashing wall of sound, Somajo yearns for that resilience. “If I had a diamond heart / I’d give you all my love / If I was unbreakable,” she sings.


Even if those lyrics don’t scream ‘banger’ to you, you can’t ignore Walker’s knocking production that only goes harder as the track progresses. It’s not a straight-up dancefloor anthem, but it’ll make you want to move—and maybe even shed a tear or two.

Listen to it below:

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