Above & Beyond release club mix of “Happiness Amplified”

This should keep their fans happy.

UK dance legends Above & Beyond are riding high right now: They dropped their most recent album Common Ground at the start of the year, and have continued to sell out arenas around the world with their regular ‘Group Therapy’ shows.

So to keep up the momentum, they’ve released a brand-new club mix of “Happiness Amplified,” a track from the album.

Featuring the vocals of singer-songwriter Richard Bedford, who’s collaborated with the duo over the years, “Happiness Amplified” is an uplifting slice of progressive trance that builds to a euphoric drop.


“This is happiness amplified / This is reality starry-eyed / This is the meaning of ever and ever,” Bedford sings on the track’s chorus. Trance fans will no doubt agree with him.

Hear the the club mix of “Happiness Amplified” below:

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