Above & Beyond debut “Flying by Candlelight” club mix

The English electronic act reunite with Marty Longstaff.

Last month, Above & Beyond celebrated the 300th episode of their Group Therapy radio show in Hong Kong, where they debuted four new songs, including “Flying by Candlelight.” If you missed it, don’t worry, for he group have just premiered a special club mix of the latter via Billboard Dance.

Teaming up once again with British vocalist Marty Longstaff (he also appeared on the group’s 2017 song, “Tightrope”), A&B have produced yet another instant festival favorite. The track opens with a pounding trance beat that slowly builds in energy before it breaks into a classic A&B drop that’ll send you soaring through the skies. “Too cold in the dark was my lonely goodbye / But there’s a new light I know,” Longstaff sings on the hook.

“Flying by Candlelight” has apparently been years in the making. The electronic trio and Longstaff met at a songwriting workshop in 2015. “We got on great and I loved his voice. So later that year we got him down to sing a song called ‘Flying by Candlelight’ that I thought he’d sound great on. It has quite an angelic feel,” Tony McGuinness wrote on Facebook.


Check the song out below:

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