A new live album by Four Tet is out in the world

It was recorded in Tokyo five years ago.

Four Tet has released a new live album, plainly titled Live in Tokyo, 1st December 2013.

The electronic musician, real name Kieran Hebden, announced the release of the album on various streaming services via his Twitter account yesterday. As Resident Advisor notes, the album is of a Hostess Weekender set at Yebisu the Garden Hall, when Hebden was promoting his 2013 album, Beautiful Rewind. So it’s no surprise songs from that album, like “Ba Teaches Yoga” and “Parallel Jalebi,” dominate the tracklist.

On Spotify and Apple Music, the nine-track album is credited to the artist “4TLR,” which Hebden has clarified stands for “Four Tet Live Recordings.” Another 4TLR recording is the album Live at Funkhaus Berlin, 10th May 2018, which Hebden released late last month and became a top-selling album on Bandcamp.


Does Four Tet’s creation of a whole new artist account just for live albums bode more releases in future? We sure hope so.

Listen to Live in Tokyo, 1st December 2013 here:

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