Whitey Morgan and the 78’s peddle honky-tonk grit on new album

‘Hard Times and White Lines’ is out now.

Pressing play on the new album by Whitey Morgan and the 78’s means getting on a highway to hell—of the honky-tonk variety, to be specific.

The gravelly, ominous “Honky Tonk Hell” leads Hard Times and White Lines, out today. On his fifth studio album, the Flint, Michigan musician continues to dig deep into the hard-drinking, blue-collar legacy of outlaw country that radio hardly touches today.

In a recent interview, Morgan described his music as such: “Imagine if Waylon [Jennings] was born in Texas and then moved to Detroit in his teens, and was into some of that louder, more aggressive music… But also still had the country sound at heart.”


The album’s inclusion of a ZZ Top cover (“Just Got Paid”), in particular, bears out his “louder and more aggressive” point. Stream the cover, “Honky Tonk Hell” and the rest of the new album below:

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