Watch Ruston Kelly ice skate in “Son of a Highway Daughter” MV

A man of many talents.

Ruston Kelly’s newly released video for “Son of a Highway Daughter” finds the singer-songwriter “conjuring up an old hobby” of his.

Kelly relives his competitive figure skating days by pairing his emotional ballad with a breathtaking ice skating routine that proves he’s still got the moves. Performing alongside a female partner, Kelly takes to the ice effortlessly as he shows off a series of twirls and jumps, never missing a beat.

In a recent Instagram post, Kelly revealed that it took six hours to film the music video. “Super special thanks to Deme for being my skating buddy in this, the actual star of the video. And hustling through six hours of ice time with me,” he wrote.


“I actually competitively skated when I was younger and even moved away from home to train when I was like 14,” Kelly added. “Why? I don’t know. Probably so I could do this video.”

Watch him flex his ice skating skills below:

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