Watch Randy Houser’s acoustic rendition of “What Whiskey Does”

Taken from a film that will accompany the release of his new album, ‘Magnolia.’

Randy Houser is readying his new album, Magnolia, for release next month—and he’s just put out a video of a solo, acoustic rendition of “What Whiskey Does.”

The clip is part of a forthcoming narrative film, also titled Magnolia, that was inspired by Houser’s album.

“Much of the album’s theme is someone running from something and running to something, even if they don’t know what they are running towards at the time,” Houser explained in a statement. “And this film captures that.”


Though the film mainly follows a couple struggling to navigate their relationship, Houser has a small part as a bartender who, as it happens, also has a hell of a singing voice. Watch the clip of him performing “What Whiskey Does” below via Rolling Stone Country:

And check out the trailer for the Magnolia film here:


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