Watch Orville Peck’s video for “Queen of the Rodeo”

Starring drag queen Thanks Jem.

Orville Peck has released a video for “Queen of the Rodeo,” a cut from his debut album, Pony.

The clip opens on drag queen Thanks Jem—the very subject the song is about—as she hitchhikes her way to a rodeo to enter a pageant. Peck dedicated the clip to “all the LGBTQ+ and two-spirit community members working in rodeos, ranches and roadhouses across North America,” reads a caption at the end of the video.

“‘Queen of the Rodeo’ is a song about a drag queen friend of mine named Thanks Jem,” Peck added. “She’s always fighting against perception and has a hard time fitting in with the other queens, but to me, she has always been a star.”


“The song and video are about allowing yourself to get out of your own way, beat your demons and crown yourself queen of the rodeo,” he added.

Peck made his debut last March with Pony. He previously released a video for album cut, “Nothing Fades Like the Light.”

Watch the video for “Queen of the Rodeo” here:


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