Watch Lil Nas X rework “Old Town Road” for a British audience

With the help of BBC Radio 1 listeners.

2019’s whirlwind sensation Lil Nas X recently took to the British airwaves with a localized version of his mega-hit “Old Town Road.”

The Atlanta artist performed the song on the BBC Live Lounge, leaving space for listeners—recruited by Radio 1 host Greg James—to chime in with their own uniquely British verses, which featured references to ‘cheeky Nando’s’ and reality series Love Island, among other things.

Nas X gamely tweaked the chorus, too, turning the song into “Old Kent Road.” The hyper-collaborative affair unfolded live, with hilarious—and occasionally awkward—results.


The young artist seemed to have enjoyed his time in London. “The UK is amazing,” he told James and drive-time host Nick Grimshaw at the start of the interview, even trying a British accent on for size. “It’s been freakishly nice weather. It’s false advertising.”

Check out the interview and the “Old Kent Road” rework below:

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