Watch Keith Urban throw a hoedown in “Never Comin’ Down” video

Everyone’s invited to the party.

Keith Urban has just shared the video for his feel-good anthem “Never Comin’ Down,” taken from his latest album, Graffiti U. And trust us, you’ll want to bust a move or two after watching this energetic hoedown.

The clip follows the life of a shy dude as he navigates a boisterous nightclub run by Urban. Every but him seems to be having an absolute ball. As the song progresses, though, the young man throws caution to the wind and begins busting out moves of his own. By the end of the video, he looks right at home: on the dancefloor.

“When the sun goes down, stars come out / It’s a, can you feel it? / Wanna take you by the hand, dancing with my pals / Sit around, round, round,” Urban belts out on the irresistible chorus as he beams over the crowd.


We couldn’t have imagined a better visual to pair with the foot-stomping country pop tune. Watch it below:

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