Walker Hayes shares heartwarming video for “Don’t Let Her”

A glimpse into the singer’s family life.

Country pop artist Walker Hayes has shared a charming music video for his single “Don’t Let Her.”

The clip offers a glimpse into Hayes’ heartwarming family life: Tickle fights on the couch and football sessions with his children play out while Hayes strums his guitar. The visual may seem saccharine, but the song itself has a heartbreaking edge, as Hayes sings of a future where he isn’t with his wife. “She loves babies, hates glitter / You better shave before you kiss her, and if she ever misses me please, don’t let her,” he belts out at the end of the chorus.

“This video is the rawest thing I have ever put out,” Hayes said in a press release. “No makeup, no lights, no production, no storyline—just a camera filming a day at our house. I’m so grateful to share this piece of my life with you guys.”


“Don’t Let Her” is the second song Hayes has released since putting out his 2017 album, Boom, though it’s unclear if both tracks will be on his next record.

Watch the video for “Don’t Let Her” below:

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