Walker Hayes drops ode to his wife, “Don’t Let Her”

It’s a love song unlike any other.

Walker Hayes has released his latest single, “Don’t Let Her,” an ode to his wife, Laney.

Written with Shane McAnally and Andrew DeRoberts, the idea of the song first came to Hayes when he was in Glasgow, Scotland wondering what life would be like for his wife without him around. “She always said if something ever happened to me / She would never fall in love again, oh, what a waste / We always said we go together, but if I’m just half of her forever / This goes out to whoever takes my place,” he croons.

“I sent it to Laney, and she’s a tough crowd, the toughest of all,” Hayes told Taste of Country. “Especially anything love-related, she is a tough person to get a response. [But when she heard ‘Don’t Let Her,’] she responded [with] something like: ‘This made me tear up.’”


Stream “Don’t Let Her” here:

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