Twinnie performs “Better When I’m Drunk” live

The British country singer gets sassy.

Twinnie has dropped a live performance video for her latest song, “Better When I’m Drunk.”

In the clip, the British musician breaks into a bright rendition of the cheeky country track in a recording studio, accompanied by her band. “I like you better when I’m drunk / Better intoxicated / I like you better when I’m drunk / Keep ’em coming baby,” she sings.

“The song was all about showing the humor and the truth in that. And it’s not just about regretting a bad decision you’ve made,” Twinnie told Rolling Stone. “I think it’s also about how I felt about myself, you know, after one glass of wine, you feel a lot more confident… I felt quite empowered as a woman, singing about that kind of subject.”


“Better When I’m Drunk” is the title track of Twinnie’s latest EP, out now. Watch her live performance of the song below:

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