Trigger Hippy “Don’t Wanna Bring You Down” with new single

Classic blues rock meets country in a wholesome blend.

Nashville group Trigger Hippy have released “Don’t Wanna Bring You Down,” the first cut from their upcoming sophomore LP, Full Circle & Then Some

“Don’t Wanna Bring You Down” is a soulful meeting of blues rock and country twang that showcases the uplifting sound of the band’s new line-up. The song features the group’s co-founders Steve Gorman and Nick Govrik, alongside recruited vocalist Amber Woodhouse. Band of Heathens guitarist Ed Jurdi rounds up the quartet. 

“This tune is us saying, ‘Come on in, check the place out, stay a while,’” Gorman said in a statement. “It was one of the first tunes we put together for the album and it’s been sitting in the lead off position ever since. We all felt from the jump that it was a great introduction to where the album takes you.”


Check it out below: 

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