Travis Meadows raises a glass to the “Underdogs” in new video

“We’ve all had a moment where we felt like an underdog,” he says.

On Travis Meadows’ empowering anthem “Underdogs,” you’ll never feel underappreciated or overlooked ever again. The song’s easily one of the highlights on the country singer’s recent album, First Cigarette—and now it’s been given single status with a spirited visual to match.

Directed by Steve Condon, the clip follows various characters as they go about their daily grind. Among them, we see an aspiring musician, a young ice hockey player and a boxer in training. They may lead different lifestyles, but they all have one thing in common: passion.

“We may fall behind but we rise, we climb / And we shine like broken stars,” Meadows sings over a foot-stomping tune. If this doesn’t make you wanna jump off your couch, we don’t know what will.


Watch the video for “Underdogs” below:

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