Travis Denning drops cover of Halsey’s “Without Me”

Listen to the gut-wrenching rendition here.

Travis Denning has released a heartbreaking cover of Halsey’s “Without Me.”

The singer transformed the pop hit into a brooding country rock ballad, delivering raspy vocals over acoustic guitar chords and drums. “Tell me, how’s it feel sittin’ up there? / Feelin’ so high, but too far away to hold me / You know I’m the one who put you up there / Name in the sky, does it ever get lonely? / Thinking you could live without me,” he sings.

The song’s mix of “personal but relatable” themes of “hurt, anger, disappointment and a huge sense of betrayal” compelled Denning to create the cover, he told Rolling Stone. “I felt like it could be interesting to dial back the tempo, strip it down, and let the lyrics really run.”


Denning previously dropped the single “After a Few” in January. Watch his cover of “Without Me” here:

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