Tim McGraw heads to a “Neon Church” in new video

To seek solace in whiskey and honky-tonk angels.

Getting over heartbreak isn’t easy, but Tim McGraw’s got a solution for you. As the video for his latest single “Neon Church” shows, it involves plenty of whiskey.

Directed by Shane Drake, the clip follows four characters—a single mother, a cop, a preacher and a wanderer—who seek solace in a bar. They drink their sorrows away and dance through the night, trying to forget their problems. Elsewhere, McGraw sits alone in a neon-lit room as he belts to the bittersweet melody. “I need Jesus or I need whiskey,” he sings. “Whatever works best to get me through / Gettin’ over you.”

“Neon Church” and a second single “Thought About You” are the first solo material McGraw has put out in three years. The country music icon is currently working on the follow-up to Damn Country Music, which is set to arrive early 2019. Last year, McGraw teamed up with his real-life partner Faith Hill for their joint project, The Rest of Our Life.


Watch the video for “Neon Church” below:

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