Thomas Rhett announces double album, shares two new tracks

The first half of ‘Country Again’ will be released next month.

Thomas Rhett has announced a double album with the release of two new songs: “Want it Again” and “Growing Up.”

Country Again: Side A, the first half of Rhett’s project, is due out next month, while Side B is expected to arrive later this year. Both “Want it Again” and “Growing Up” offer beautiful mid-tempo country compositions built around emotional chord progressions and Rhett’s warm vocals. The two songs will feature on Country Again: Side A, alongside preceding single “What’s Your Country Song”.

In a statement, Rhett explained that his new double album will contain everything he had wanted to say since he was a teenager, and will offer insight into his experience as a professional musician over the last decade. Rhett also said that the idea for Country Again came to him during time spent in isolation while he was re-evaluating his image during the COVID-19 pandemic.


“How else do you slow down unless you’re forced to?” Rhett said. “For the first time, I had to look at myself and say ‘Who am I? Who is Thomas Rhett without a microphone or a guitar or a stage?’ I had to really dig deep and figure it out. So in many ways, 2020 was a big ol’ reality check, a complete reset. And when I finally settled into myself and my family, and started to work again, it completely influenced all of my songwriting.”

Country Again: Side A will arrive on April 30. Listen to Rhett’s new singles here:

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