The Marcus King Band drop hazy “Goodbye Carolina” MV

It features old-school home video-style footage.

The Marcus King Band have released a heartbreaking video for “Goodbye Carolina,” a cut from their 2018 album, Carolina Confessions.

The narrative-driven clip for the tender song follows the lives of a young couple who are torn apart for undisclosed reasons. They go searching for one another, with vintage home video-style footage of their past intercut throughout, but their paths never cross again.

“With all my material, I like the listener to draw their own conclusion as to the meaning of the lyrics. I want the song to be what it means to you,” frontman Marcus King said in a statement. “That being said, ‘Goodbye Carolina’ came to me in a daydream, an apparition of a dear songwriter friend we had lost only a year prior. I wrote from his perspective, and often feel the song was written through me. The lyrics simultaneously describe my need to break out and escape the bad memories, loss and pain associated with my hometown, using the state as a personification of things I decided to leave behind.”


Watch the video for “Goodbye Carolina” below:

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