The Haden Triplets release video for “Every Time I Try”

Featuring a cameo from Nick Offerman of ‘Parks and Recreation.’

The Haden Triplets have dropped a video for their latest song, “Every Time I Try.”

In the clip, the trio are the musical guests on an old-school television program, which pays tribute to classic country music variety shows such as Hee Haw. “I want to hold you, but every time I try / Something keeps you out of reach / I want to love you, but every time I try / Something keeps love away,” the siblings harmonize. The visual also features Parks and Recreation actor Nick Offerman as the host of the show.

“Every Time I Try” was written by the trio’s brother, Josh Haden, and was originally released in 1997 by his rock band Spain. The new rendition of the track appears on The Haden Triplets’ forthcoming LP, The Family Songbook.

“We’ve always been blown away at our brother Josh’s songwriting skills,” Petra said in a statement. “His songs are so deep, beautiful and melodic. [We] recorded ‘Every Time I Try’ because whenever we sing it, we’re always locked in and in perfect harmony.”


The Family Songbook arrives January 24, 2020. Watch the video for “Every Time I Try” here:


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