The Band Perry display sleek new direction in “The Good Life” video

They’ve got no time for liars and cheats.

In a move mirroring Taylor Swift’s successful exit from country music, The Band Perry have taken a left-turn into hard-hitting electronic pop with their latest song “The Good Life.” The sleek new single has just gotten a glamorous yet edgy music video treatment.

The music video, directed by Janell Shirtcliff, begins with lead singer Kimberly Perry going on a late afternoon drive with three angels in her backseat. The clip ends with Perry and her brothers singing and dancing amongst these angels in a makeshift carpark rave.

“‘The Good Life’ is a story about the infidelity I experienced. I want you to know that this song was written during a toxic and incredibly difficult time in my life,” Perry said of the track on Instagram, “but I’m singing it to you now with the voice of a woman who has completely regained a strong sense of self, rebuilt her womanhood, and is grateful to have learned so much.”


The Band Perry are preparing for a North American tour in the fall, and are expected to release more new songs in the coming months. Watch their video for “The Good Life” below:

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