Tenille Townes releases new EP, ‘Road to the Lemonade Stand’

Featuring her breakout single, “Somebody’s Daughter.”

Canadian country singer Tenille Townes has released her new EP, Road to the Lemonade Stand.

The six-track project features her breakout 2018 single, “Somebody’s Daughter,” alongside the songs “Jersey On The Wall (I’m Just Asking)” and “I Kept the Roses.” The EP also includes a cover of Keith Urban’s “Stupid Boy,” which was previously an Amazon Music exclusive.

“This EP is for everyone that has been on this road with me so far,” Townes said in a press statement. “You have shaped me and shaped the meaning of the lemonade stand. I’m so excited to walk on this Road to the Lemonade Stand with you.”


Stream Road to the Lemonade Stand here:

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