Tenille Townes gets sentimental on “I Kept the Roses”

The latest track from her upcoming album on Columbia Nashville.

Country up-and-comer Tenille Townes does some soul-searching on her new single, “I Kept the Roses.”

The Canadian singer reflects on a rough break-up on the intimate ballad. Her distinct voice stands out over the folk-tinged track’s sparse production of electric guitar and percussion. “But I kept the roses right by my bed / And it should make me lonely, but I’m smiling instead / ’Cause you weren’t the one, babe, but you were the closest / I let the rest of us go, but I kept the roses,” she sings.

“‘I Kept the Roses’ is one of my very favorite songs to sing and I love the message of holding on to the good in the hard things we go through,” Townes wrote in the song’s YouTube description. “And being able to smile about the way that it shaped you.”


Listen to “I Kept the Roses” below:

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