Tanya Tucker faces mortality on “Bring My Flowers Now”

“This song came from my heart.”

Tanya Tucker has released “Bring My Flowers Now,” a powerful track from her forthcoming album, While I’m Livin’.

On the touching track, the 60-year-old country singer calls for listeners to cherish their loved ones before it’s too late. “Bring my flowers now, while I’m living / I won’t need your love when I’m gone / Don’t spend time, tears or money / On my old breathless body,” she sings on the chorus. The song was co-written by Tucker and Brandi Carlile.

“[Tucker’s 1972 debut song] ‘Delta Dawn’ has always been my favorite song that I have ever recorded and the pinnacle of my 50-year career. But I think now, ‘Delta Dawn’ has to move over for ‘Bring My Flowers Now,’” Tucker told Rolling Stone. “This song came from my heart; it’s about showing love for the ones we have now before they are gone.”


“Bring My Flowers Now” is the latest release from While I’m Livin’, following Tucker’s cover of Miranda Lambert’s “The House That Built Me.” The record is due out August 23 via Fantasy Records.

Listen to “Bring My Flowers Now” here:

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