Tanya Tucker covers “The House That Built Me”

A heartfelt rendition of Miranda Lambert’s 2010 hit.

Tanya Tucker has put her own spin on Miranda Lambert’s 2010 hit, “The House That Built Me.”

The 60-year-old country veteran reshapes the tender guitar ballad, which was originally released by Lambert when she was 27, to reflect her own experiences. Tucker imbues the track with a world-weary tone, singing about an older woman returning to the home where she raised her children. “I cut out pictures of houses for years / From Better Homes & Gardens magazine / Plans were drawn, concrete poured / Nail by nail and board by board / But once the kids were grown, it was just too much for me,” she sings on the re-written second verse.

Tucker was initially in two minds about recording the cover, but was convinced by none other than Brandi Carlile, Tucker revealed to Rolling Stone. “And Brandi was with me the whole time in the vocal booth, going, ‘Try it like this.’ I followed her, and it was 43 takes on the first line of the song. But now I listen to it and it gives me chills.”


Tucker’s cover of “The House That Built Me” is the latest release from her forthcoming studio album, While I’m Livin’. The record is out August 23 via Fantasy Records.

Listen to Tucker’s cover of “The House That Built Me” here:

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