Sway to Patty Griffin’s new song, “Hourglass”

It’s the third single from her forthcoming album.

Patty Griffin’s self-titled album is due out next month, and she’s giving fans another peek behind the curtain in the form of jazzy new single “Hourglass.”

The song bounces along with a slinky, gypsy-jazz style guitar, before Griffin’s lilting vocal, reminiscent of Emmylou Harris, comes in.

“I’ve been dreaming of a crazy machine that’s been choking out the love, killing too many dreamers / And I just wanna tear that old machine down,” she sings, delivering a lyric that feels all the more important in the current global political climate.


Patty Griffin, her tenth studio album, follows the singer’s recent battle with breast cancer, and delivers a personal insight into her struggle. It’s due out on March 8.

Listen to “Hourglass” here:

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