Ride with a samurai in Sturgill Simpson’s new music video

“Sing Along” previews his next record and accompanying anime film.

A heavily armored samurai speeding through a dystopian world towards battle—soundtracked by a pumping rock tune? That’s the concept of Sturgill Simpson’s new, must-see music video for “Sing Along.”

The song previews Simpson’s next album, Sound & Fury, which will arrive accompanied by an anime film of the same title by Takashi Okazaki (the artist behind manga series Afro Samurai) and filmmaker Junpei Mizusaki.

The movie, which will premiere on Netflix, features all ten tracks on the album, which Simpson described in a press release as a “sleazy, steamy rock ’n’ roll record”—a vibe that “Sing Along” certainly delivers on, what with its dance beat, ’80s disco sensibilities and distorted guitars.


If Simpson had had his way, “Sing Along” wouldn’t actually be out in the world before the album release date of September 27. The country artist told Beats 1’s Zane Lowe in an interview earlier this week that he resisted releasing a song from his “cohesive concept record and film,” but was ultimately overruled by his label.

Simpson also recently released “The Dead Don’t Die,” the theme song of the Jim Jarmusch film of the sam title. Watch his video for “Sing Along” below:

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