Sam Hunt debuts new song, “Nothing Lasts Forever” live

    More Sam Hunt music? You got it.

    Sam Hunt performing at CMA Music Festival 2017
    Image: Debby Wong /

    It seems like only yesterday that Sam Hunt dropped “Downtown’s Dead,” his first single in a long time. But if one new track from the country superstar wasn’t enough, you’re in luck—because a new song has arrived and it’s just made its live debut at a concert in Indianapolis.

    “Nothing Lasts Forever” slows things down a notch, swapping out the punchy, drum-driven tempo of “Downtown’s Dead” for a heart-on-his-sleeve country ballad about the end of a relationship. “’Cause nothing lasts forever / Nothing lasts forever / Say I’m someone that you wish you never met / Your best mistake / Your worst regret,” he croons on the song’s rousing chorus.

    Although Hunt’s been happy to release two new songs in the space of a few weeks, a full album might still be a while away. “I still haven’t quite gotten there yet,” he said in a recent radio interview. “I didn’t have enough continuity within that batch of songs to pick out ten or 12 that would be a good record.”

    While we wait for the track’s official release, enjoy this clip of Hunt performing “Nothing Lasts Forever” below: