Ryan Bingham drops new song, announces upcoming album

His sixth LP ‘American Love Story’ arrives next February.

Ryan Bingham has announced the arrival of his sixth studio album, American Love Story, with a brand-new single, “Wolves.”

A smoky blend of Americana and folk, the song is about “the constant effort of fighting the darkness,” Bingham told Billboard, which premiered the track. On it, the award-winning singer-songwriter gathers the courage to stand up to the “wolves” in his life. “There was no one comin’ around / To save me from the fray / I had to stand my ground / And keep the wolves at bay,” he croons on the chorus.

“There were a lot of ‘wolves’ in my past,” he said. “From the schoolyard bully who was looking for a fight, to the demons that were creeping up in my family with parents who were dealing with substance abuse.”


The song was also inspired by the bravery of the students who kickstarted the March for Our Lives movement for tighter gun control in the US. “[These students] were dealing with grown men and women questioning their integrity on social media…I was really taken aback by the kind of rhetoric people were using against these young people who were speaking out against gun violence,” Bingham explained.

American Love Story is the follow-up to 2015’s Fear and Saturday Night, and will arrive February 15 via Axster Bingham Records.

Listen to “Wolves” below:


And check out the American Love Story tracklist:

  1. “Jingle and Go”
  2. “Nothin’ Holds Me Down”
  3. “Pontiac”
  4. “Lover Girl”
  5. “Beautiful and Kind”
  6. “Situation Station”
  7. “Got Damn Blues”
  8. “Time for My Mind”
  9. “What Would I’ve Become”
  10. “Wolves”
  11. “Blue”
  12. “Hot House”
  13. “Stones”
  14. “America”
  15. “Blues Lady”

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