Rosanne Cash releases new song, “The Killing Fields”

The country singer reflects on the United States’ violently racist history.

Rosanne Cash looks back on a dark chapter of the United States’ history on her new single “The Killing Fields.”

Cash confronts the US’ violently racist history of lynching of Black people on her melancholic acoustic ballad. The track will be paired with her previous single “Crawl into the Promised Land” and released on a limited 7-inch vinyl today. All proceeds from the single will benefit the Arkansas Peace & Justice Memorial Movement. Signed copies are available on Cash’s store.

“A few years of my own personal reckoning with painful issues of race, racism, privilege, reconciliation, and individual responsibility led up to the moment in the summer of 2020, when finally no one could avert their eyes from the truth of white privilege in America, and the damage and sorrow caused by systemic racism,” Cash said in a statement of her new single. “I wrote ‘The Killing Fields’ in that summer.”


The country singer’s most recent record She Remembers Everything landed in 2018 via Blue Note Records. It’s her 15th studio album to date. Cash was joined on the LP by Elvis Costello, Kris Kristofferson and Colin Meloy.

Listen to “The Killing Fields,” which features Cash’s husband and frequent collaborator John Leventhal, here:

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