Richard Thompson drops two new songs from upcoming album

“The Storm Won’t Come” and “Bones of Gilead” are wildly different, and showcase his vast songwriting talent.

The British folk rocker has an album dropping September 14, and to get the buzz going he’s released a couple of songs.

The first track, which opens his upcoming record, 13 Rivers, is titled “The Storm Won’t Come.” It features a twangy lead guitar tune set to an almost tribal drumbeat. Thompson’s vocals are introspective as he sings about change. Towards the middle of the ominous song, though, things pick up and we see glimpses of the guitarist’s electric style in an agile solo.

Where the first single is dark and mysterious, his second offering “Bones of Gilead,” is an upbeat track with bouncy guitar licks—contrary to its title. “From the ruin, from the rubble / I will rise like London Pride / No checkpoint, will stop me / There is no plan / Like an earthquake, I’ll rock you / Run if you can,” the singer croons on the pre-chorus.


Listen to both tracks here:

“The Storm Won’t Come”


“Bones of Gilead”

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