Rhiannon Giddens mesmerizes with “I’m On My Way”

The lead single from her forthcoming LP, ‘There is No Other.’

Hot off the heels of a February release with her collaborative project, Our Native Daughters, Grammy-winning folk singer Rhiannon Giddens has dropped a new, introspective track, “I’m On My Way.”

The soul-stirring, banjo-led track is the first release from Giddens’ upcoming album, There is No Other. The full-length, which incorporates musical influences from across the globe, was recorded with jazz musician Francesco Turrisi.

“It’s all about movement for [me and Turrisi],” Rhiannon told the Irish Times. “Everything that both of us talk about is about movements of human beings and how we affect each other. If you just look at our range of instruments, where they’ve come from and how they’ve traveled across the world, it’s pretty amazing.”

Listen to “I’m On My Way” below:



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