Reba McEntire releases new album, ‘Stronger Than the Truth’

The veteran goes back to her traditional country roots.

Reba McEntire returns to her traditional country roots on her new album, Stronger Than the Truth.

On the 12-track record, the queen of country dabbles with Western swing on “Swing All Night Long With You,” gets sassy on “No U in Oklahoma” and tells a tale of agony and heartbreak on the title track. The LP also includes the previously released tracks, the emotional “In His Mind” and “Storm in a Shot Glass,” a fiery break-up song.

“[The album is] true to who I am and how I grew up. I don’t like chasing trends, even though I’ve had to do it lots of times in my career,” McEntire told Billboard “This time, I wanted to record music that made me happy and touched my heart without worrying about where it would or wouldn’t get played.”


Stream Stronger Than the Truth below:

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