Raelynn unveils ‘Baytown’ EP, an ode to her hometown

The singer’s first release on new label, Round Here Records.

Raelynn has returned with her sophomore EP, Baytown, which is named after her Texan hometown.

The six-track project is the singer’s first release since signing with Round Here Records, which is a partnership between the label AWAL and popular country duo Florida Georgia Line. The EP was produced by hitmaker Corey Crowder and includes the previously released single “Me About Me.”

Baytown also marks a return to Raelynn’s musical roots after years of “playing the game” in Nashville, she told The Tennessean, adding that her new label is a place where she “can be happy inside.”


“If I’m being myself and I’m happy inside, that’s all that matters,” she continued. “I was making better music with that mindset (opposed to) going in like, ‘Okay, I need to write a slow song today. Okay, I need to write a song that country radio’s gonna love. Okay, I need to write an up-tempo [track].’ I just wasn’t doing that any more. I was going in saying, ‘Let’s write whatever our heart desires today.’”

Baytown is the follow-up to Raelynn’s 2017 debut LP, WildHorse. Between the two releases, the singer dropped a number of non-album singles such as “Rowdy” and “Tailgate.”

Listen to Baytown below:


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