Punch Brothers share live video for “Like It’s Going Out of Style”

The track is taken off their latest album, ‘All Ashore.’

Last Friday, Brooklyn-based string band Punch Brothers finally dropped their fifth full-length, All Ashore, which is also their first self-produced record. And to celebrate the release, they’ve shared another video from their live series, this time featuring the album’s closer, “Like It’s Going Out of Style.”

The track is an effortless blend of country, folk and blues. And similar to the studio version, the live recording evokes plenty of emotions. “I’m always gonna come back around / ’Cause I love you like it’s going out of style,” frontman and mandolin player Chris Thile croons on the chorus.

“That was really pretty,” Thile commented at the end of the performance. We couldn’t agree more.


Check it out below:

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