Pistol Annies romp to freedom in “Got My Name Changed Back” MV

Who needs a man, anyway?

This Friday, newly reformed country supergroup Pistol Annies will drop their comeback album, Interstate Gospel. And to get fans even more hyped, they’ve released a light-hearted visual for “Got My Name Changed Back.”

As you might have expected from the tongue-in-cheek track, the video’s all about turning divorce proceedings into one extended party, whether it’s attending court, going to the DMV for a new ID, or having a sit-down with your lawyer. When you’re being liberated from a dusty, dysfunctional marriage, it’s only right to go through the motions decked out in your carnival best, with your best friends and Dom Pérignon (or in this case, “Free Dom” bubbly) in tow.

Watch the video below:


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