Mason Ramsey strikes again with two new songs

The Walmart yodeling boy drops an original tune and cover Hank Williams’ “Jambalaya.”

Following April’s release of his first single, “Famous,” Mason Ramsey (otherwise known as the Walmart yodeling boy) has returned with two new tunes: a country original, “The Way I See It,” and a cover of Hank Williams’ “Jambalaya.”

Unsurprisingly, the original is another love song (although he’s probably way too young to be singing about putting a ring on someone’s finger). But while “Famous” carried a tender Tim McGraw-inspired tune, “The Way I See It” switches into country rock overdrive, filled with jangly banjos, sharp fiddles and Ramsey’s trademark yodel. “Baby, you and me forever, that’s the way I see it / You and me forever, that’s the way I see it,” he belts out on the catchy chorus.

Listen to “The Way I See It” and “Jambalaya” below:


“The Way I See It”



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