Margo Price gets ‘cloned’ for “Letting Me Down” video

She’s also confirmed a new release date for ‘That’s How Rumors Get Started.’

Margo Price has released a creative video for “Letting Me Down,” a new track off her upcoming album That’s How Rumors Get Started.

The new song was produced by fellow country artist Sturgill Simpson, who also sang harmonies. It’s the latest preview of Price’s upcoming record, which was first scheduled for release in May and is now slated to drop on July 10.

“Take me back to the day I started trying to paint my masterpiece so I could warn myself of what was ahead,” the singer said in a press statement. “Time has rearranged, it has slowed down, it has manipulated things like it always does… the words to some of these songs have changed meaning, they now carry heavier weight.”


Reflecting further on the grueling past three months, Price said, “I’ve been manic, heartbroken for the world, heartbroken for the country, heartbroken from being heartbroken again and again.” She added, “This album is a postcard of a landscape of a moment in time. It’s not political but maybe it will provide an escape or relief to someone who needs it.”

Directed by Kimberly Stuckwisch, the new video for “Letting Me Down” features multiple Margo Prices reflecting, drinking, smoking, lazing on a couch and dancing—all made possible by digital effects and a special set-up Stuckwisch employed.

“We wanted [the video] to speak to what was going on at that moment, to a world that was/is shut down, to the fear we all feel, and to the hope of breaking free,” Stuckwisch said.


“We were able to abide by the 6-feet social distance CDC recommendation as we set up a remote head for the camera that we operated from a closet outside of the room,” she added. In fact, to carry out the on-site filming, the entire crew wore masks and received multiple bottles of hand sanitizer and spiked seltzers from Price. And as an extra precaution, they parked their RV in her driveway and worked only from the vehicle and in the room they were filming in.

Prior to “Letting Me Down,” Price released “Twinkle Twinkle” and “Stone Me,” both tracks off That’s How Rumors Get Started. Most recently, the singer also surprise-released a live record, Perfectly Imperfect at the Ryman.

While you wait for Price’s new album, watch her video for “Letting Me Down” below:

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