Maren Morris gets “Rich” in Western-inspired video

The country starlet plays a bounty hunter tracking down an outlaw on the run.

Maren Morris’ debut album Hero was one of country’s biggest success stories of the past few years, spawning hit after hit after hit. Now, she’s ready to wrap up the era with a bang, dropping the video for “Rich,” the final single from her 2016 LP. And what a video it is.

Starring Morris’ real-life husband Ryan Hurd, the cinematic story follows a bounty hunter (our leading lady) in the wild, wild west. She’s tracking down a wanted man and taking him to the authorities for a decent slab of cash—or is she? You’ll have to stay ’til the end of the video to find out. Which shouldn’t be too hard considering how catchy the track is.

Check it out here:


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